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THC+ Tincture

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    • THC+ Tincture
    • Designed for ultimate relaxation and joyfulness.

    Minor Cannabinoids Found in THC+

    • THCO | HHC | D8THC | D9-THC (less than .3%)
    • Our full-spectrum extract with THCO, HHC, and D8THC is hemp-derived and federally legal. The effects of these extracts are currently being studied, and have shown extremely uplifting, calming, and relaxing effects.

    Reported THC+ Effects

    • Happiness/Joyfulness  
    • Calming
    • Relaxation
    • THC+ tincture is reported to increase mood, promote calm feelings, and encourage relaxation.

    Tincture Strength

    • 1000mg/100 Doses (10mg/.15ml)
    • 1 Dose = Approx. 7 Drops

    THC+ Benefits

    • Maximum Strength (66mg/ml)
    • Long-Lasting Formula
    • Perfected Cannabinoid Ratios

    Favorite THC+ Uses

    • Bake Edibles By Dosing Butters and Oils
    • Dose Coffee, Shakes, Salads and More
    • Perfect For Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-free Diets

    Getting Started With THC+ Tinctures

    • For fast relief try 1/5 dropper sublingually. Increase the dose as directed by your physician.
    • Mix into butter, cooking oil, or any other oil-based consumable/topical.


    • 1 Stick of butter + 1000mg = Approx. 7.5mg/ml
    • 85ml (Base of choice) + 1000mg = 10mg/ml
    • 1/5 dropper (.15ml) 1000mg = 10mg

    Carrier Oil

    • THC+ tinctures use premium MCT oil for the fastest acting and longest lasting relief.


    • Organic MCT Oil, Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Blend.
    • No Harmful Flavoring, Colors, Or Preservatives Have Been Added To This Product.
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    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture
    THC+ Tincture